Wednesday, November 28, 2007


When I was young, I used to work out a lot, and rehabilitate injuries occasionally. Now I'm old, I rehabilitate a lot, and work out occasionally. Bah.

I have my first overuse injury from swimming, some kind of rotator cuff problem. Suspect infraspinatus tendonitis but it hardly matters, since the rehab is going to be much the same whichever of the rotator cuff components is busted. Usually with overuse injuries, the cause can be tracked back to some change - more volume or intensity in workouts, new running shoes, old running shoes, etcetera. This time nothing changed, swimming the same distances and intensities as in the past seven years. Then I realized, oh something did change - I got older :-( again :-(

Frankly I'm devastated. Swimming used to be a reliable fallback position, whenever some run or bike or paddling injury sidelined me from the usual pursuits, I could work out as hard as I liked in a swim, with no let or hindrance. Now it's gone, and probably forever: tendinitis in my experience is never cured, only managed. So, I can add regular shoulder icing, stretching and strengthening, to the routine of achilles icing, stretching and strengthening. No time left for actual workouts..

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