Wednesday, March 4, 2015

the far side of the world

Brother Charles is working on a water project in Kununurra, the far north of western Australia.

I like to imagine if I dug straight down from my back yard, starting from one of the potholes the dog has inflicted on the lawn in his boredom, we would come out somewhere in that vicinity.

There the sun is shining. We could then go fishing together, perhaps for these cute baby barramundi.

Or, we could find sun and solitude on Willies Creek.

With luck the queenfish and oxeye tarpon might be around.

Here on the far side of the world I had to take a day's leave or lose it, so went up to the inlet of the reservoir. There are persistent rumors of a run of both trout and walleye in the spring up there, but I've never seen either in twenty springs of trying.

Didn't find a run as such, still got one hook-jawed 21", as big as I've ever caught in this drainage. Fishing a 7-wt with 3x leader hopefully for walleye, he still ran me around quite a bit.

Then the snow came pelting down again. I left to get the oil changed, a haircut, and made a dentist appointment to deal with my broken molar. Will this mad gay whirl ever cease ?