Thursday, September 20, 2007

Discussing Avatar

I'm like Sokka - don't have superpowers, but a good analytical mind, also I'm kinda goofy-looking; I'm like Uncle Iroh, in that I am not wholly convinced that a good cup of tea may not be the most important thing in any given day. It's a controllable happiness. If you base your happiness upon conquering Ba Sing Se, or winning back the love of a father whose love is not worth the winning, misery is likely your lot. I am further like Iroh, in thinking kindness is the primary virtue: though he does a better job of living up to his ideals.
There you have it, apothegms to live by. Some of them may even be not entirely false. Your homework, should you choose to accept it: which parts are true ?

Those are the thoughts that remained after a five-mile run following a discussion with the kids. The other thoughts on the way were mostly sun, wind, and intimations of age. The wind and sun don't write down very well, the intimations are old news that does not improve with the re-telling.

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