Friday, February 29, 2008

Corinne Ellen Kretzmann

September 13 1925 to January 17 2008

We pray.. for rest to the soul of the departed in a place of light, in a place of repose, in a place of refreshment, where there is no pain, sorrow, and suffering.
- Orthodox Memorial service.

We the living can do nothing for the dead but remember them. In time all the memories of my mother will be perfected, in the single remembrance of God or oblivion.

Until then all I can do is remember to celebrate her life, a life that did good in the world; a faithful life; a merry, kind-hearted life. I never knew all the stories of my mother's life. By now, some of them have traveled past the boundaries of forgetting. This looks like the end of the tale, but of course it is not. Ma lives on in the families of her children, and in the greater family of all those who loved her. It is only the closing of a chapter. All of the new stories run back into this story, and beyond.
I will remember this merry, kind-hearted life.

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May said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss, the loss of a mother. I guess that losing a close relative is like having a part of one's own self taken away.

My father is unwell these days. We took him to the hospital where he still is and I know what it is like to worry about a relative's health. It is as though your own life stopped. Now I understand your absence from this place.

Be strong. Do not lose the will to live.