Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Budapest 2010

As Don Marquis once observed, "I've finally conquered that G-D willpower of mine. Gimme a double Scotch". In my case it was a tax rebate that overcame real and deserved scruples about indulging in a vanity project, to go and race in Budapest. The swim is in a rowing basin next to the Danube, since the river is sick with wastewater at that point. The bike looks to be flat and drafty. The run goes along the river past the castle, then two loops through the old town - should be a fine route. Originally I'd hoped to be somewhat competitive, but at this point it's looking like it will be more a gesture towards the memory of racing than a race in fact. Usually it's a good party though: it will suffice to bring a period to the end of these endeavors.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Doug. I'm very glad you decided to participate. So too is Max (Zoe's version) - they're out here to watch the final on Sunday.